Bear Land Realty and Auction
   3275 Newport Hwy, Sevierville, TN.


                  865-428-1550           TN Lic.# 5707


If you should happen to work up an appetite while bidding on your treasures,
Bear Land Realty and Auction has a deli area that will satisfy all of your
Our current items and prices are as follows:

Coffee                       $1.00
Keurig Coffee            $2.00
Cappuccino               $1.50
Hot Cocoa                 $1.50
Chips                         $1.00
Cookies                     $1.00
Crackers                    $1.00
Candy Bars                $1.50
Popcorn                     $1.50
Drinks                        $1.00
Hot Dogs                   $1.50
Polish Sausage         $2.75

Brisket Sandwich $3.50 / Meal $5.00 *
BBQ Chicken Sandwich $3.50 / Meal $5.00 *

(*Meals include your choice of: Brisket or BBQ Chicken Sandwich,
a bag of potato chips, and a drink.) 

At this time, all deli purchases are on a Cash Only basis.

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